What are CWS Creatives Meet Ups?


The CWS Creatives was born out of a desire to find Lancashire based businesses and business owners to connect with in a more relaxed and organic way than the traditional networking events in my area currently offer. It wasn’t to rubbish the ones that already exist, I truly believe there is enough room and need for all of us. The business owners that come to our CWS Creatives Meet Ups find a home with us, and the other networking groups attract a different tribe and type of businesses.

Something I often get asked is,

What do you actually do at your CWS Creatives Meet Ups?

We’re not a secret society! I’m happy to share what our events are like! The tone and feel of our meet ups is so different to other events that offer networking opportunities. I’ve worked hard to create a culture that is relaxed and as introvert friendly as possible. There are no elevator pitches, you don’t have to speak in front of the group, in fact if you just want to come and observe and only talk to one person that’s ok too! I want everyone that buys a ticket to feel comfortable when they walk through the door.

Thanks to the room we use at the co-working space, Society1, we have plenty of space to chat. You can walk around the room, you can move around the tables, or just sit and let people come to you. If it’s your first time then I’m happy to introduce you to another member that I think would be a good connection or if you want you can just go mingle to your hearts content.

The structure of our Meet Up varies a little but generally we open at 10am, everyone arrives and starts chatting, grabbing a coffee or a tea. We have a little intro from me, before I hand over to our speaker which is usually a CWS Creatives member speaking on a topic that’s relevant to their business and helpful to all the attendees. After their slot, and this could be a presentation, a chat, or something more creative, we have more time to get chatting before we finish up.

We’ve just introduced a photowall where each attendee has a instant picture taken and printed, it then gets stuck on the wall next to their name and business. This change has made it even easier to network with the people and businesses our attendees want to chat with.

We don’t just hold monthly Meet Ups at Society1 in Preston, we also co-host Child Friendly Meet Ups in collaboration with BabyLoved Family at Valley Coffee. These are perfect for mums that a juggling under 5s and a freelance job, or their own small business or even aspirations to start one.

For more information on our Meet Ups, go to our EVENTS page.

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