cws creatives summer photowalk

The Summer Creatives Photowalk

I first came across the concept of photowalks at the blogging conference Blogtacular. They did an early morning one before the event itself and while I couldn’t go I easgerly followed it on Instagram and loved the beautiful content that came from it. A bunch of people on a planned walk taking photos and producing fun and creative images and videos, what’s not to love? It’s something I’ve wanted to bring to Preston for ages and teaming up with Robyn made our Preston Photowalk dream a reality!

In June 2019 we hosted our first photowalk with the theme of COLOUR. We held it exclusively for CWS Creatives members and it sold out within 24 hours! 

We met at Jonah’s Coffee on the flag market for a coffee and an intro to what the morning held before heading off on our planned walk, giving time to stop for lots of photo moments along the way, of course! We finished our walk at Winckley Square for a communal picnic catered by City Chef, giving time to chat and look through photos taken during our time together.

Here, take a look at what we got up to at our Summer Preston Photowalk

As you can probably tell from the photos we had so much fun together. Great content for social media and websites was created along with some wonderful friendships too!

We are hosting a photowalk for each season, and anyone is welcome to book a ticket and attend. Sign up to our mailing list for more information and get access to pre-sale Preston Photowalk tickets

A huge thank you to all our attendees and their gorgeous photos, and special thank yous to our sponsors for partnering with us, Jonahs CoffeeCity Chef and Signed With Love.

(Featured photos by Robyn Swain Photography, and Steffany Collette.)

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