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Coworking spaces, better than working from home?

When you’re self employed and it’s just you running your business, it can get quite isolating, especially if it’s not a client facing business. It’s just you and your laptop for hours and days on end! Depending on the kind of business you’ve got or the stage you’re at you probably can’t afford the overheads of an office so you end up at your kitchen table, or a room in your house with a desk. When you need to get out of the house just to be around other humans then a cafe is a great option but can get expensive buying coffee after coffee to justify staying there and jumping on the free wifi. A coworking space is a great next option to consider when you’re ready to move on from your kitchen table, or at least want a change of scene!


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What is a coworking space?

Obvisously they vary from place to place but generally the idea is that you can sign up and hot desk in a co-working space or even rent a desk that will be yours whenever you go in. The coworking space I’m signed up to in Preston, Society1, has different packages and rates depending on your business needs. There are various kinds of businesses signed up as members. Some are small businesses with employees that rent out a specific space, others use it as their office and come in every day, others like me, use it sporadically when needed. They also have meeting rooms that you can book – as well as fantastic coffee and a kitchen space

It’s been a perfect place for my CWS Creatives Meet Ups and host my social media workshops from.


How does it compare to working from home?

I’ve only commited to being a community member at my local co-working space at Society1 purely because my work hours fit around my kids so paying for a series of whole days doesn’t work out being cost effective – instead of 9-5 I end up being 10-2 so I’d be paying for time I’m not using. I usually book in on a kind of pay-as-you-go basis for morning slots when I have client meetings or a deadline I need to focus on. I personally like having the best of both worlds. There are days when I want potter round at home but also have the freedom and space to work. Some days I need to get out of the house away from distractions and a co-working space is great for that. I find that this kind of balance and variety works really well for me.

The great thing that signing up to coworking spaces gives you that working from home doesn’t is the community that comes with it. Society1 hold regular workshops and events for their members. As a blogger or small business owner you can end up isolating yourself and just hiding behind a computer living in a virtual world. Being part of a community through a coworking space is a great way of building your confidence and widening out your working community. If you miss having colleagues then this is a fantastic option for you.



Is a coworking space for you?

  • Do you want access to space you can have professional client facing meetings?
  • Do you want to meet other local business owners and be part of a wider business community
  • Are you ready to move away from the kitchen table and have set work hours?
  • Is it a cost effective option for you currently?

If the answer to these questions is a consistent yes then it’s worth researching what coworking spaces there are in your area. Prices and plans vary from place to place with some even offering on-site childcare facilities. If you are in the Preston area and want more information about Society1 then click here.


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